The Best Trait in Business Leadership


When you start a business, build it and employ people, you become leader of your team. Some business owners may not like the idea that their team would actually look to them for guidance over a myriad of business issues. But if a little effort is taken to improve your leadership skills, you can actually improve the productivity of your team as well. There are many articles that expound the various traits which are most valued in leadership. But when we think about the any renowned business good leader in today’s world, we come up with the following characteristics that any leader good leader should possess in business, they consist of the following:

  1. Charisma
  2. The ability to speak well
  3. Having an expertise in the area of industry.


Google, a company known to make decisions based on the extensive data collection, has identified a character trait that has proven to be effective and decided to choose its leaders based on the following character trait.


The management in Google has found that the more predictable the leader, it is easier for the team to get on their job. A person who is predictable and consistent in the work that is set and the expectations gives the team confidence to be able to get on their job without worrying about it getting it wrong. The ability to know that you can work without the boss ‘hovering’ nearby, micro-managing and watching your every step, empowers the employees to work on what they need to do within clear boundaries and set expectations.

“If a leader is consistent, people on their teams experience tremendous freedom”.

Laszlo Bock, former Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google

So it is predictability that is the one trait that you can focus on. If it done correctly, you will improve, along with your team and your business. But how can you focus and improve on that one trait?


Predictability, Focus and Consistency


Being predictable is often much easier than you think. Do not be distracted about all of the other thoughts that you might be running around in your head at various times of the day. To be predictable you need to focus on consistency. If you are able to set realistic and pragmatic expectations for your team members and if you are willing to have regular review sessions to hold them accountable to measurable milestones. Then you are well on your way to having a more predictable leadership style and in turn having an improved team.


“ If you want to improve your leadership skills, be consistently predictable in your pragmatic expectations of your team members.”

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