Are We A Match?

Choosing A Business Coach

There are many Business Coaches or Consultants to choose from. How do you which one is the right one for your business?

Excelerated Business Solutions consists of a team of dedicated Business Consultants led by me, Raymond Huan. My handpicked team of consultants, each with unique talents and experience that I engage as needed, depending on your needs. Our team has a combination of over 35 years of business experience across dozens of sectors and verticals.

It is in the interest of both parties to ensure we are a strong match to create the ideal win-win experience. If either of us has doubts as to whether or not this can be achieved, then we are probably not a good match and we do not try to force it to work.

Most EBS business coaching clients work with us directly one-on-one to grow their business by:

Identifying And Correcting Weaknesses In Processes

Improving And Managing Cash Flow

Improving the Management Structure

Identifying New Markets and Opportunities

What Our Clients Say

Highly Recommended
“Raymond is amazing! A very clever person with great ideas who takes a lot of pride in helping people achieve their business goals. He invested so much time and effort into my business, alone. I am so appreciative of everything he has done for me, and highly recommend him to anyone seeking business advice.”
Rob Hiesler
Carmend Smash Repairs
A Worthwhile Investment
“Our business has engaged Raymond's coaching services for more than 5 years. He has given us valuable guidance, often posing the extremely insightful, difficult questions that many business owners and operators would prefer to ignore. Raymond's ability to critically analyse and provide an external, unbiased, and knowledgeable perspective on business strategy and development has helped our organisation to grow and mature. I would (and do) recommend Raymond's services to other businesses, particularly to help navigate periods of significant growth or when facing challenging decisions - most definitely a worthwhile investment.”
Jessica North
Executive Director
Next Level!
“Working with Raymond this year has really helped me improve and grow my business, as well as giving me a better work/life balance. His expert advice and insights during our meetings have been a major catalyst in taking my business to the next level.”
Grant O'Neill
GO Creative

If you are questioning whether you should invite an external party to work with you to grow your businesses, 
here are a few questions to consider:

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, then you are an excellent candidate to benefit from business growth coaching and strategic consulting.

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