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Founder & CEO

For over 10 years I have been coaching businesses like yours to overcome their problems, buck the trend and achieve life-changing breakthroughs. Will you be my next success story?

With an Engineering background and an MBA with a focus on Strategic Management and International Business, I’m perfectly poised to identify your business’ issues, devise a strategy to overcome them, and help you execute that plan. But don’t take my word for it!

Take 2 minutes to review our case studies and video testimonials to see people just like you who added huge numbers to their bottom line during our time working together.

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Why Our Coaching Has Delivered Incredible Results For Our Clients

We Genuinely Care

Business coaching is personal because to really help you and your business, it takes trust. Trust to open up your books, share your hopes and dreams, and commit to each other. Your journey becomes part of our journey.

Sense Of Purpose

We love what we do. It energises us when we see collaborative ideas, experience and knowledge deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients. But the real joy is seeing what we do positively impacts all levels of your life.

Years Of Experience

We work with businesses across a range of sizes and industries and have produced outstanding results. Our coaching case studies will give you an idea on how we do it and our testimonials validate our results.

Amazing Value

Can you afford the time or the money to waste on poor advice? Probably not. By asking the right questions and listening carefully, we will help you define more clearly what are the appropriate short-term milestones.

$20K to $2 Million in 2 Years.

Grow Your Business 20k to 2 Million Ebook

I’ve enjoyed many years working as a business coach – helping companies of all sizes achieve growth. Almost all of them continued to experience growth, even during the Great Financial Crisis. Curious to find out the secret of their success, I wanted to discover whether there were common traits that could be identified among successful business that made them stand out from other profitable ones. This resulted in the writing of my book, $20K to 2 Million in 2 Years.

In this book, I’ll share with you my observations and include useful tips and techniques that I’ve learnt over the years on what brings a company from $20K to $2 million in a short period of time – regardless of where your company is based. Best of all – you can access them in one handy, downloadable guide.

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Everyone needs a coach. It does not matter whether you are a basketball player, tennis player, gymnast or bridge player.
Bill Gates

What Our Clients Say

Highly Recommended
“Raymond is amazing! A very clever person with great ideas who takes a lot of pride in helping people achieve their business goals. He invested so much time and effort into my business, alone. I am so appreciative of everything he has done for me, and highly recommend him to anyone seeking business advice.”
Rob Hiesler
Carmend Smash Repairs
A Worthwhile Investment
“Our business has engaged Raymond's coaching services for more than 5 years. He has given us valuable guidance, often posing the extremely insightful, difficult questions that many business owners and operators would prefer to ignore. Raymond's ability to critically analyse and provide an external, unbiased, and knowledgeable perspective on business strategy and development has helped our organisation to grow and mature. I would (and do) recommend Raymond's services to other businesses, particularly to help navigate periods of significant growth or when facing challenging decisions - most definitely a worthwhile investment.”
Jessica North
Executive Director
Next Level!
“Working with Raymond this year has really helped me improve and grow my business, as well as giving me a better work/life balance. His expert advice and insights during our meetings have been a major catalyst in taking my business to the next level.”
Grant O'Neill
GO Creative
How to choose the right business coach e-book

Choosing The Right Business Coach

Before you engage in business coaching, download our FREE Special Report: “7 Things You Should Know Before You Hire Any Business Coach or Consultant!”. Not all Business Coaches and Consultants are the same. This report will help you determine what you should be looking for and how to find the right coach to match you and your business.

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More About Raymond

When the companies that I work with grow, they hire more people to work for them, which in turn benefits the local community. I get a good ‘kick’ out of it when I can provide such a benefit to the community through my coaching. I have owned and operated EBS for a number of years and enjoy living in Brisbane with my wife and three children. I enjoy running, catching up with friends over a cup of coffee, and having a fun lifestyle like everyone should. I wish you all the best in your business endeavours.

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