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Adding over $1,000,000.00 of value in a single year to our client’s businesses!

Our Business Coach experts will work with you to improve and grow your business.

We are with you through the ‘thick and thin’ of growing a business while providing a combination of Business Consulting, Business Mentoring and Business Coaching services. Please feel free to explore our website.

No matter how well intentioned you are as a business owner, you cannot view all aspects of your business objectively. Business owners who are truly ready for greater success recognise that they possess inherent biases, limitations, and business prejudices. Here at Excelerated Business Solutions, we look forward to assisting you in achieving greater results with your business.

We provide a wide range of services for your benefit in the following areas:

Business Coaching

We work with you to directly identify any problem(s), brainstorm with you on the possible business solutions, utilising your expertise and knowledge of the market to focus on your most viable options. We will then guide you on its’ implementation and provide feedback and guidance when you need help.

Business Consulting

We work with you to locate areas of improvement, research a range of business solutions and present them to you in such a way that you can make an informed decision and take action to implement them.

Change Management

When changes need to be made, together we identify where you are currently, where you would like to be as it relates to the end state, and map out the steps to get there. When done properly, you will enjoy an orderly transition of change that is predictable and manageable with minimal disruptions to the current operations and at minimum expense.

Sales and Marketing

Improving Sales and Marketing is quite simply the fastest way to achieve revenue growth. We can work with you to market your product online. I have achieved ROIs ranging from 300% to over 1000% ROI for my clients through online marketing.

Workflow Systemisation

To streamline your processes in ways that reduce expenses while improving customer or client satisfaction rates and continue to support you as you grow.

Presentations & Seminars

We have presented to audiences of over 100 people, specifically targeting areas of promoting entrepreneurship and business mentoring and improvement. We have also been approached to conduct presentations on business solutions for non-profit organisations.

Getting a business coach is NOT a sign of weakness or failure. Rather, those who want to WIN seek out the best coaches.
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