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Nurture a Growth Mindset in 3 Ways

Growth starts with having the right attitude and the right mindset. In this video, I will share with you how you can nurture a growth mindset in your […]

Lessons on Leadership: Practical tips to motivate people

Great leaders motivate people. What do great leaders do repeatedly and consistently to motivate their team? As leaders, we want motivated people to work in […]

The #CovidPivot: How small businesses are creating disruptions in response to the global pandemic

While the global pandemic has disrupted economies and industries around the world, many small businesses are fighting back by pivoting and creating disruptions in their […]

How to motivate and boost morale when you have in-house and remote teams

Some teams work in-house. Some teams work from home. As more companies are creating policies and measures to respond to the current global pandemic and […]

Tackling tasks that are difficult vs. easy: what is better for productivity?

The most common productivity advice is to begin with the easiest tasks first and then move to the more difficult ones. This is to help […]

How emotions can drive productivity

While being professional entails knowing how to manage our emotions to allow us to work despite pressure, studies have also shown that emotions influence productivity. […]

Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic: Reinvest in yourself

With many of us encouraged to stay home in this new normal, Daymond John of Shark Tank urges everyone to “take the time to reinvest […]

How business owners can motivate themselves

Zig Ziglar famously said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” How do you […]

Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic: Practical Tips to Keep Your Business Going

The global pandemic is set to affect not just public health but also the economy. As governments impose lockdowns to help prevent the coronavirus from […]

Surviving the Coronavirus: Take care of your mental health

The global pandemic is set to affect not just public health but also the economy. As business owners scramble to do what they can to […]

The Small Business Guide to Surviving Coronavirus

Many around the world and in our country are experiencing the effects of this public health crisis. Economic experts are sounding a grim warning of […]

How to recognise and reward employees

What are some of the unique and fun ways to recognise employees? In this video, I explore some of the more unconventional ways of rewarding […]