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What Shark Tank Judges Can Teach Business Owners: Part 1 of 2

What can the judges of Shark Tank teach small business owners? It turns out, a lot. In this two-part video, I share some of their […]

When does your business benefit from seeking professional advice?

As a business owner, do you know when to seek help? In this video, I will explore what kind of professional services that many entrepreneurs, […]

How a lack of screws can screw your business

In this video, I will tell you the story of how a screw almost screwed with Apple’s business and what we can learn from this. […]

Gratitude as a business strategy

A growing number of business owners and experts believe that gratitude is fast becoming a powerful business strategy. In this video, I explore why using […]

How to find opportunities in the market

For most startups, the name of the game is disruption. Winning means changing the rules, bucking the trend, and coming up with a novel product […]

How to overcome a slow economic trend

As business cycles go, there will be times when businesses experience periods of growth, and there will be times when businesses face downtrends. Sometimes, the […]

How to motivate employees the right way

How do we effectively motivate employees? Studies have shown that there are different sources of motivation—internal motivation and external motivation. In this video, I explore […]

Do Team Building Activities Actually Work?

How do these team-building activities improve collaboration in the workplace? Are they really as effective as they purport to be? In this video, I explore […]

How growth in your business can make you worse off

Growth is a good thing—until it is not. In this video, I discuss why growth for the sake of growth may be a bad idea […]

How an employee reward system can curtail productivity

The common belief is that employees are motivated when they are rewarded for their good behavior. However, this may do more harm than good. In […]

How To Keep The Entrepreneurial Drive In A Growing Family Business

While over 70% of Australian businesses are family run, did you know that only 30% survive the transition from first to second generation and just […]

Overcome entrepreneurial exhaustion

Is running your own business starting to wear you down? Do you feel more exhausted and more fatigued lately? In this video, I discuss one […]