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If you are considering hiring a business coach or consultant, it’s important that you find the right coach or consultant for your business. As the owner of Excelerated Business Solutions, we offer excellent value and a money back guarantee.

Worth Many Times The Investment
“Excelerated Business Solutions has increased my business intelligence and helped my business to grow. They have worked thoroughly and carefully with me in key areas to help build my business’s success. I look forward to continued growth through EBS’s sound and practical business advice. It has been worth many times over the investment made.”
Ben Tibben
Onfire Creative
Taken a Personal Interest in Our Business
“From the first meeting, the EBS team has been easy to talk to, and have taken a personal interest in our business. The everyday running of our business has been simplified, leaving us time to run our business far more efficiently.”
Neil Bailey
Northside Little Diggers
Spot On!
“From our initial meetings with the team at Excelerated Business Solutions, they highlighted issues within the company that needed to be addressed which were spot on! They presented themselves professionally and showed great interest in assisting our business in the direction we felt it should go.”
Mark Reardon
Termite Solutions
Highly Recommended
“Raymond is amazing! A very clever person with great ideas who takes a lot of pride in helping people achieve their business goals. He invested so much time and effort into my business, alone. I am so appreciative of everything he has done for me, and highly recommend him to anyone seeking business advice.”
Rob Hiesler
Carmend Smash Repairs
A Worthwhile Investment
“Our business has engaged Raymond's coaching services for more than 5 years. He has given us valuable guidance, often posing the extremely insightful, difficult questions that many business owners and operators would prefer to ignore. Raymond's ability to critically analyse and provide an external, unbiased, and knowledgeable perspective on business strategy and development has helped our organisation to grow and mature. I would (and do) recommend Raymond's services to other businesses, particularly to help navigate periods of significant growth or when facing challenging decisions - most definitely a worthwhile investment.”
Jessica North
Executive Director
Next Level!
“Working with Raymond this year has really helped me improve and grow my business, as well as giving me a better work/life balance. His expert advice and insights during our meetings have been a major catalyst in taking my business to the next level.”
Grant O'Neill
GO Creative
Amazed At Response And Reply Times!
“I am amazed at your response time and reply time. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and in the short time of our discussion have more of an understanding of me and my dilemma. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and the timing was perfect for your call. The book gave some interesting and thought provoking ideas. The conversation you and I had stimulate my thoughts and you gave me some tips on what I could do in my business. You sounded genuinely interested in what I needed and started to give assistance. Just enough to give me a taste of what was to come should I go further. Thank you again.”
Sharon B.
That Extra Set of Eyes and Ears I Much Needed!
“I decided to take on Raymond Huan as my business coach as I felt I had been making less progress in my business in the last few years than I was really happy with. I have found that there were some large issues that have been restricting my business and personal growth, and Raymond has helped me to see them and face up to them.

After four months, I can say that he has identified key areas in my business that really need attention and he has helped me begin taking control of those areas. He has helped me to cut costs and has been that extra set of eyes and ears I much needed!”
David Wright
Company Director
Simply Budgets Pty Ltd
Changed Our Mindset to Become More Successful
“They look at your business from a different angle, then dissect and improve all areas from the foundations up. After that first meeting, I was sold; and later convinced my franchisees to commit to EBS. They have the same opinion now.

EBS has opened my eyes and ears to a new way of thinking about our business and most importantly, our clients. They have changed our mindset to become more successful in many facets, including customer relationships, sales and marketing, time management, increasing turnover, and the list goes on and on!”
Robbie & Amanda Kennedy
Regional Franchisers
Jim’s Computer Services
Utilising My Strengths
“Since becoming an independent business owner, I have used three different Business Coaches, all with varying degrees of satisfaction. I tried Excelerated Business Solutions as a last resort, and found they offered more than the other guys I had tried. EBS took the time and effort to make me focus on my business, and the balance it provided to me.

Using them moved my business from having “insurance” to having a lifestyle. The investment has been well worth it – I come away from every meeting feeling invigorated and ready to meet the next challenge – and ultimately meeting my personal goals."
Rod Cumming
Jim’s Computer Services
Enabling Our Company To Grow
“As first time business owners of an existing business, the company was flowing fine, but we realised we knew little about growing the business and its potential for the future. With thanks to Excelerated Business Solutions, our new customer service programs and marketing strategies have direction, enabling our company to grow by maintaining better customer relationships and forward planning for the future. By doing the hard yards, we are reaping the rewards.
ABC Time Keepers
Takes Your Business to the Next Level
“…During our time together I found it great to be able to brainstorm new ideas together and bounce new strategies and techniques off one another. I also appreciated his energy and enthusiasm … especially his mindset of making business fun and enjoyable (as I was always far too serious!). If you are looking to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend Raymond and his services because business is a team sport and it certainly helps to have Raymond on your team!.”
Chris Elmore
Elmore Music

"Coaching is all about having someone believe in you and encourage you, about getting valuable feedback, about seeing things from new perspectives and setting your sights or new horizons."
Unknown Author

Unbiased Recommendations
“I am a person who is driven in my business and know what I usually want. What I needed was for a Business Advisor or Coach to work with me in my business to fast track my own growth plans.

The coaches whom I tried contacting did not give me the impression that they were serious or had the experience in what they did. When I met Raymond from Excelerated business Solutions, he listened to what I had to say and what I wanted. He shared with me what he would do in order to put my business forward, which was exactly what I was looking for. Nothing of ‘you do what I say’ approach, but rather working with me to achieve the outcomes I wanted. So I decided to work with him.

In my first session, he went through the workings of my business and I was surprised when he highlighted an area which I had overlooked in my current operations which if resolved, would increase my profitability by 30%. I was sold.

I am convinced that Raymond knows what he is talking about and that he is capable to work with me on my business. In less than 6 months that he has been working with me, my business has grown by 20% and he is working with me put in a structure where the business can accommodate its expected continued growth.

If you want unbiased recommendations, look for Raymond from EBS.”
William Tan
Managing Director
Sieverts Radiation Consultancy
An Increase in Profit of Approximately 30 Percent
“My partner and I started our business with little more than an idea we believed could work. Disorganized chaos quickly ensued, as our client base and our client’s demands grew.

After an initial meeting with EBS, we both felt comfortable that they were people we could trust and had the knowledge and practical experience to help take our business to the next level. Since then a number of remarkable improvements have been made:

i) We abandoned our marketing philosophy of throwing money at almost every advertising opportunity and created a simple marketing strategy that is bringing in new customers at a greater rate at less cost.

ii) Our professionalism when dealing with clients has been addressed and resulted in a higher conversion rate.

iii) Breaking down the jobs within the day-to-day running of the business has helped us implement systems that recognize roles and responsibilities for each person. In doing so we tend not to forget important things or double up. We now have some order!!

iv) People within the organization now have greater enthusiasm as their roles and responsibilities are more clearly defined.

v) After three short months, we estimate an increase in profit of approximately 30 percent.

Without EBS’s input in these areas I have no doubt we would be still struggling along disorganized, miscommunicating, losing paperwork, and throwing money down the drain on useless advertising campaigns.”
Neil Smith
Bark Control
Increased My Income, Clientele, and Ability to Make My Financial Commitments
“Coordinated Fitness was going through expansion, and as a business owner, I wanted to know that I was on the right track and not wasting precious money. I had used other business coaches before, but I found their support and knowledge of my business was not of a high enough standard. This is where Excelerated Business Solutions excelled!

Even though they did not know the intrinsic workings of a fitness business, they went the extra mile to learn. They then offered my business great advice on where it could improve.Excelerated Business Solutions have assisted my business to implement systems, which have made tracking Coordinated Fitness’s progress more efficient.

As a result, I have increased my income, clientele, and ability to make my financial commitments. If you know where your business should be, but do not know how to get there with the best systems, then you need Excelerated Business Solutions to assist.”
Tanya Barnett
Coordinated Fitness
Utilising My Strengths
“You really did your job better than other business coaches I have consulted. You saw something that I was unable to see: a strength that I was not utilizing in my marketing.”
Trish H.
Looking Forward To Another Great Year!
“I needed to bring in someone with more knowledge about business than I had and someone who I could talk with about my business to guide me in several directions that would help my business grow. I chose EBS because they show me that they cared about me and my business, and they want my business to be successful.

As a result, my business has grown financially and structurally. There are now stronger systems in place to follow my new plan for success and to monitor my progress. It’s been a wonderful experience working with the EBS team. They challenge me to think bigger and smarter! I am looking forward to another great year!”
Sanford McMurray
Cheersport Australia
Unlike Other Business Coaches
“I was and have been very impressed with his enthusiasm and desire to assist me in developing my business. From the first time we met he was able to give me some very useful insight into the little things I could start to do to make improvements to my business – without really knowing the full bigger picture. He has spent time with me and given me ideas that have encouraged me to utilise his services in the very near future.

Raymond was communicating with me every few days as I have begun the journey of finding the right business coach. He encouraged me to look around and find the right fit for my business.

Unlike other coaches that I met he has followed me up regularly to see how I am progressing and if his ideas have been useful to date – which they have been. I look forward to utilising Raymond’s services in the future, and would recommend anyone to have a conversation with him."
Craig Dooley
Managing Director
Taurus Risk Solutions Pty Ltd
Has Made a Big Difference in the Way We Manage Our Business
“… Since joining forces with EBS we are now seeing the benefits of structure, being strong in business but fair, looking forward to future growth and how the systems we are now implementing, through the guidance of EBS, will stand as a foundation for continued expansion in sales and personnel…. I have no doubt EBS has made a big difference in the way we manage our business.”
David Kirkegaard
Managing Director
Startco Pty Ltd
I Am Not Dealing With This Alone
“I left the meeting with a much more positive attitude to my business. It was great to feel that I wasn’t dealing with everything alone.”
Karen H.
A High Level Of Professionalism
“I hold a high regard for professional courtesy, honour and integrity. It is clear from our conversation that you displayed these characteristics, which is rare (unfortunately). I was also very impressed with the timely follow up call..”
Mik M.
Like Turning a Light On in A Dark Room!
“There are very few opportunities in life where you get the chance to talk to business coaches and consultants in EBS with their vast knowledge and experience where their sole purpose is to see their clients succeed. Working with EBS was one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. For me, it was like turning a light on in a dark room.”
Yvonne Hawley
The Finance Mechanics
Weight Off My Shoulders
“You gave so much interesting and great advice answered all my questions. I found other companies wanted to make a paid first time appointment. I got off the phone feeling the weight off my shoulders with the great advice you gave, thank you”
Jeff S.

"The best coaches really care about people. They have sincere interest in people."
Brad & Catherine Pulsifer

Put Us At Ease Very Quickly!
“You were able to help us look at our business idea & provide us with some direction and ”next steps” in our initial meeting, which gave us the ability to move forward with our concept. Your professional manner & friendly approach helped put us at ease very quickly and enabled us to discuss our ideas openly!”
Brett R.
Quickly Identified Weaknesses And Risks
“I was very impressed with your insight and frankness. You quickly identified some of the weaknesses and risks in our business and offered enough advise to establish confidence that an ongoing relationship would be beneficial."
Gareth C.
Great Ideas & Suggestions!
“…Appreciated the way you explained things to help me to look at these changes from a different perspective, not just telling me what I should do. The communication was very clear, great ideas & suggestions!”
Linda B.
Deeper Insight Into My Business
“I read a little on your website and had only a vague idea of what to expect. I seen a business coach 10 years ago and for no more than 2 hours which we discussed more technical issues relating to my business and day to day operations.

My earlier experience with a business coach was just as interesting but I think lacked the insight you showed. You targeted my limitations in thinking. You seemed to bring out the answers in me rather than telling me what I should do. As a result the path I see ahead of me is mine by design.”
Brad D.
Finally! Someone Who Can Help Me
“I felt a sense of relief that SOMEONE was actually able to help me! You know what I was talking about, you understood my struggles and I truly believe that with your help I can have a successful business…I didn’t contact any other coaching companies.

I am really picky with who I share my information with and selecting the right people, I didn’t want to waste any more time and I knew that I really enjoyed what you had to share with me and I liked your approach, you didn’t push me or give me a sales gimmick. ”
Marina P.
You Know Your Stuff
“ know your stuff, you seem well experienced and very knowledgeable and I have certainly taken on board the questions and suggestions you have put forward. ..I am very happy and excited to have spoken with you and you were most helpful and sound like a top guy.. I can tell that your client relationship is really good and I was most impressed as for me, having that kind of skill and I guess just generally getting along with someone you are working with especially a coach/mentor is extremely important.”
Jason F

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