There are many reasons why people start businesses. However, from whichever angle you look at it you will find that most businesses are started to fulfill one thing, and one thing only: to meet needs, desires, and goals in the lives of the founders. That goal may be to make the world a better place or be as basic as making more money. But whatever the ambition, once you come to the realisation that the business is there to achieve your aims, by defining and keeping them in mind, you will be able to steer your company in the right direction to realise them accordingly.

The Power of Focus

By defining in simple, understandable terms what you want your business to do for you, you start to create a compelling reason why your business exists in the first place. The more succinct the goal, the easier it is to keep in focus.

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By concentrating on one objective, you will begin to plan and make decisions which direct the company to achieve that aim. The distractions that present themselves in your daily operations will start to lose urgency as you put all your efforts into the tasks that contribute to achieving your goal. I have encountered quite a few businesses which are successful in their own right but have started to flounder when the owners lose sight of what they want the business to achieve for them. As a result, their business starts to suffer, along with their team. You need to be really sure why your business exists in the first place to keep it on track as it grows.

Be Consistent
Be consistent in what you do and always do the things you promise. By being consistent, it is easier to steer your company in the right direction. If you are consistent in what you do and are not producing results, you will be able to identify what you are doing wrong. I have previously blogged about the need to be consistent in a previous article, which you can read.

The Secret
The goal of having a business is that it works for you in a sustainable manner. Having a defined goal will motivate you to grow the business in a specific direction to achieve this goal. Being consistent allows you to identify what can be improved in your business and modify it accordingly to produce better results.


Know why you are in business and be consistent. The chances of you reaching your goal are much higher than if you didn’t have focus.



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