The Importance of Expressing Gratitude


Most of us agree that gratitude is important for showing appreciation to those who have helped us, and a reminder of what’s good in our lives. However, recent research suggests that the benefits of expressing gratitude are more significant than we may previously have thought. It appears that this simple act can have a far-reaching, positive impact, not only in our personal lives, but in a business environment too.

Positive Effects of Gratitude
Our physical health and psychological wellbeing can get a boost when we are grateful, according to research. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that we are healthier, happier and more compassionate when we are in the habit of expressing gratitude.

One study saw participants cultivating their own gratitude by keeping a daily journal of what they felt grateful for. After just three weeks, people slept better, experienced less aches and pains and developed stronger immune systems. Participants also became more optimistic, joyful and positive. And they were more compassionate, generous and outgoing, and less isolated or lonely.

Benefits in Business
Anyone who has worked in a high-pressure environment knows how easy it is to become completely absorbed by a project. Determination and focus are essential qualities if you want to succeed in business. However, being preoccupied with the challenges in front of you can mean that you forget to express gratitude.

With so many potential benefits – both personal and professional – we need to ask ourselves whether we can afford not to devote a little time to reminding ourselves and the world what we’re grateful for.
According to recent research, expressing gratitude has the following benefits:

Grateful People Sleep Better
No one’s at their best after a bad night’s sleep, which one good reason to get into the habit of regularly expressing gratitude; grateful people have been found to have better quality sleep, helping them to be more positive and productive during the day.

Gratitude Cultivates Success
Grateful people tend to achieve more in business. There is strong evidence that links higher levels of gratitude with increased optimism, energy and professional success.

Being Grateful Helps You to Work with Others
It’s hard to get ahead in today’s business world if you can’t work effectively with others. People who express gratitude have been shown to be more open-minded and agreeable when it comes to interacting with colleagues and clients.

Gratitude Boosts Emotional Wellbeing
Having a business can be exciting and fulfilling, but it can also cause stress or depression if you don’t take the time to look after your emotional wellbeing. Being grateful can lead to lower stress levels, helping you to excel during the day and rest well in the evening.

Helping You to Achieve Your Goals
With so many benefits to expressing gratitude, it’s easy to see how it could boost productivity and help you to thrive in business. Devoting time to being grateful can be as simple as contemplating how much you have achieved so far and reflecting on what’s good in your life.

However, gratitude can go a lot further if you share it with the world. Take the time to express your gratitude to individuals or companies who have helped you, and tell others about what you are grateful for. This simple act could help you to be more positive and productive, and enable you to take one more step towards achieving your goals.




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