The Benefits of Sharing in Your Business

Most of us recognise the benefits of sharing in our personal lives, finding satisfaction in the simple act of giving time or knowledge to a friend, partner or passer-by.  When it comes to the business world, however, the benefits of sharing are often overlooked.

Determination and single-mindedness are undoubtedly useful qualities if you’re striving for success. But it can be easy to forget to share when you’re completely focused on achieving your own goals. This is unfortunate, because sharing can be highly beneficial, not only for whoever you reach out to, but also in terms of reaching your own goals.

Why Share?

In your personal life, refusing to share your time, possessions or knowledge may help you to hang on to what’s yours, but it’s unlikely to enable you to connect with others or build relationships. The same applies in the business world, where strong connections are vital for success. Sharing can in the business context can bring about the following benefits: 

  • Make Contacts. The importance of good business contacts shouldn’t be underestimated. Reaching out to others and being open to trading ideas is a highly effective way of developing long-term, mutually beneficial connections; on a local, national and international level.
  • Develop Your Reputation. Sharing your expertise can help you to quickly develop a reputation as an authority in your field, which is likely to generate interest and attract new clients.
    • Boost Productivity. It might be tempting to see sharing as an extra effort, with little or no return. In reality, however, sharing enables you to clarify your own ideas and theories, which can help you to streamline how you run your business and boost productivity.


The Exchange of Ideas

Every business requires good ideas to succeed – and great concepts are imperative for growth. However, the process of running a company is often hectic, and finding the time to explore ideas is a challenge.

Having your own ideas is a good start – but sharing ideas with others inevitably allows your concepts to be developed and improved. Arrange regular meetings with your team and actively encourage the sharing of ideas – with a view to moving the business forward as a team. Even better, forge meaningful links with other businesses in your local area and share ideas with them – identifying how you can work together to add value to both your companies. 

Boost Team Spirit

Creating a sharing ethos in the workplace is also beneficial in terms of boosting team spirit and morale. Placing colleagues in competition with one another may spur them on to succeed, but it places emphasis on the individual, rather than the collective good of the company. Instead, foster a sharing environment – where your members of staff actively support one another and share their skills.

Start Sharing Today

Whether it’s offering advice, providing a contact with feedback or publishing an in depth article, it won’t be long before you notice the benefits of sharing. 


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