Take Your Business Fears… and Turn Them Into Strengths!

Fear is a very natural human emotion. It’s common to feel frightened by the prospect of the unknown, the unpredictable and the potentially dangerous. It keeps you safe from potential danger and has served you well to keep you alive on many occasions.

In the world of business, you’re surrounded by potentially frightening situations. When faced with an important decision, one that can potentially bring your business explosive growth and great liability,  your hand can shake ever so slightly in excitement and fear as you sign to secure the deal, and you anxiously wonder whether or not we’ve made a mistake. When pitching a product or service to a party who can make a big difference to the business, you may feel sick with nerves, knowing just how important the deal is to our business success.

Feeling the fear is common, and it’s understandable. However, it’s vital to ensure that your fears never stand in the way of your success.

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Understanding Fear
When you’re feeling anxious or frightened, it’s tempting to try to ignore your emotions and deny that you feel the way you do. However, this is counter-productive, and as a result, can lead you to make poor business decisions.

Recognise that your fear exists and accept it. Try to identify exactly where it’s coming from, and explore what you need to do in order to overcome it. If it helps, talk it over with someone else. After all, fear is nothing to be ashamed of.

Turn Fear Upside Down
Often, fear is just a matter of point of view. You’re feeling worried about a situation because you’re viewing it in a certain way. But what happens if you approach the situation from another angle? For example, let’s say you’re about to present to a large, important audience, and you’re terrified that you’ll mess it up and lose their attention (and business).

But what happens if you see it from their point of view? No-one in that audience wants you to fail. On the contrary, they’re interested in what you have to say, otherwise they wouldn’t be there. They actively want to see you succeed, and by doing so, they benefit from the information that you are about to share with them.

Tweet: “Use your fear as a springboard to achieve bigger, better things.” – @BizCoachRay

Sometimes, when we’re nervous or worried about something, we instinctively retreat into our comfort zone. However, this stops us from exploring new possibilities. It prevents us from innovating and stepping outside the box. Instead, when you’re fearful about something, see it as an opportunity – to face that fear and turn it into something positive. Ultimately, being able to use your fear to achieve great things is a real strength.

Letting Fear be Your Motivation
So, next time you feel frightened about something business-related, don’t bury your head in the sand. Don’t ignore those feelings, in the hope that they disappear. Instead, address them. Acknowledge your emotions, and try to identify the root cause of your concerns. Then, work out how you can turn your fear into something positive, and how you can use it to bounce your business to new, exciting levels.

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