Marketing and still not getting leads?

Are you turning away potential customers or not getting leads because your marketing does not support the impression that you want to give about your business? I have encountered instances where a company spent good money bringing in qualified potential leads, only to realise later that their marketing material did not necessarily reflect the impression they wanted to convey to the customer.  

Have you done a review of your client facing communication material to ensure that you are expressing exactly what you want to say to prospective customers in the right way? When people want to purchase something, they usually have a shopping list of criteria, including the type of business they want to engage before actually contacting or purchasing from you. They can be grouped generically into the following categories:

1. Does the company have the particular product or service that the customer needs, or from which they can benefit?

2. Can the company do the job in providing that product or service?

3. Is the company trustworthy?

4. Are they reliable?

5. A final hook as to why the customer should choose the company to make the purchase.

Most of us can probably add or take away a question or two when deciding to purchase something, but the above list generally sums up the processes a person goes through (albeit subconsciously) when making a decision to purchase. 

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The question is, how you can frame your marketing material and infrastructure to support that decision-making process so that a prospective customer will see that you have ‘ticked all those boxes’? If you review your marketing material with that in mind, you may find that you may need to modify some content, or even the structure or format of your materials, in order to cover the criteria.

Providing information in your marketing to support the decision-making process will subconsciously make it easier for your prospective customers to determine whether you can fulfill their need with your product or service. You will find that following that up with a ‘call to action’ will increase your response rate noticeably.

Do you know what your marketing materials are saying to your prospective client?



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