How to Determine Whether a Business Coach is Capable

Now that you are at a stage that you know that you can use Business Experts to help improve your business.  I would like to share with you some of the guidelines for evaluating whether the Business Coach or Consultant is capable of working with you on your business. It is based on an ‘EEC’ formula below:

[tabs] [tab title=”Experience” id=”tab-1″]As this is one of the most important traits of a Business Coach, I will elaborate on this first.  Never fail to query the coach’s experience in coaching a business.  Get the coach to provide you with examples of how the coach works with his/her clients. Get testimonials from the coach and identify whether there are any similarities to the challenges that your business is facing, to what the coach has experienced before.

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The ideal fit would be someone who has worked with a similar challenge that your business is currently facing. However, this should not be a necessary requirement as the coach’s position is to use your in-house expertise in resolving issues.[/tab][tab title=”Education” id=”tab-2″]Having an education is the next most important thing on the coaches list of qualifications.  It sets the platform on how the coach will be able to interpret business issues that your business are currently facing. I can elaborate a lot more on this but I think the following scenario speaks volumes for itself.

I believe that if you present two Business coaches with the same level of experience with a business case study to resolve, the one with a graduate degree in business will resolve it differently to the one without one.

I am not saying that the coach without the degree would not able to successfully resolve the business case presented.  However, when you are going to bring in an individual who is going to guide you in the workings of your business, you’d want to know that the Business Coach is as educated in the business arena as he or she can be.[/tab][tab title=”Confidence” id=”tab-3″]Here is where many coaches differ in their offerings.  Confidence can be taken as the impression the coach shows when you meet up or how one is presented during a meeting. While that is important, I would rather you interpret what is offered and the results as a measure of confidence.

•    Most, if not all Business Coaches in the market can work with a business. Although the success of them actually improving a business can vary widely.
•    A smaller portion can offer testimonials and references for the work that they have done.
•    Even fewer are willing to back up their work with a money back guarantee.[/tab][/tabs]

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