Contacting a Business Coach

What You Need To Know Before Contacting a Business Coach

Before you contact a Business Coach or Consultant , you will need to collate some information before actually meeting up with the person. This will save you both yours and the coaches time, along with making the meeting more productive. They are as follows:

STEP 1: Identify The Challenge – What Do You Want?

You need to know what your current challenge to your business is and what you would like done. You have got to be specific. For example:

“I want to increase my sales”

Although it is a valid point, such a statement may not be specific. You would do yourself justice if you can be more specific. A better example would be:

“I want to increase my sales, I am having trouble with marketing through my existing channels.”

Once you have identified the challenge you can proceed to the next step.

STEP 2: Bring Out The Information

Start to collate whatever information you have with regards to the challenge. If you present this to the coach in your visit, you will get a better idea of how the he or she will be able to help you in this arena. If you do not have any records, that’s ok. One of the first things that you will need to work on once you get a Business Coach in is to start keeping information about your business.

STEP 3: Find Out More About The Company

My Report on the “7 Things You Should Know Before you Hire Any Business Coach or Consultant” mentions the criteria you should consider when hiring a Business Coach in terms the coach’s qualifications and experience. You should use that as a guide to evaluate your coach.

Go to the Company’s website and look at the following:
1.    Do they guarantee their work?
2.    Are they confident of their services enough that they are willing to ‘stick their neck out’?

Such an offer minimises the risk on your part when dealing with them for the first time. It assures you that they will need to deliver value to your business in order for them to be in business. However, you’ll be expected to play your part in working to make the business better as well. Excelerated Business Solutions has a guarantee for our work. You can view it on our website.

STEP 4: Call The Party – It’s Time To Get The Ball Rolling

Pick up that phone to call the company and make an appointment to meet up with the coach.  Do not be offended if that the person you’re looking for is not available to speak to you.  He or she may be working on someone else’s business. A mark of professionalism is when he endeavors to call you back within a specified time frame.

When you meet up with the Business Coach, take time to get to know the person. I trust that this article will prove useful to you in your search process.

I wish you all the success in your business,

Raymond Huan - Business Coach

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