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$20K to $2million in 2 Years – Paperback Edition

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$20K to $2million in 2 Years – Paperback Edition


– You will receive an autographed copy of the Print Edition of the book.  Paperback copy.

– Free Postage to anywhere in Australia.

– Access to over 40 mins of videos that build on the exercises of the book, valued at $249 for FREE!

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Physical copies still remain a popular choice when it comes to reading books.  This product is for a physical copy of the book $20K to $2 million in 2 years. Upon confirmation of your purchase, a high quality paperback copy of $20K to $2 million in 2 years will be sent to you at your preferred address.  Postage is free anywhere to addresses in Australia.

If you are purchasing from overseas, please email me for special arrangements.

Your paperback book will contain tips, techniques, case studies and activities you need to develop an effective business strategy.

We have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you do not think that the book has given you insight into how to grow your business, simply email me at info@excelbizsolutions.com.au and you will be brought through the process of getting a refund. Please refer to our FAQ section for more information on this.

Raymond Huan

Raymond Huan

Raymond is a successful business coach and consultant who has helped companies achieve growth for over 10 years. He's worked with companies of various sizes and industries across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, as well as organisations whose footprint spans across multiple countries. In his book $20K to $2 Million in 2 years , Raymond shares valuable insight of companies that he's coached who have achieved sustained growth of over 50% each year for over three years in a row. Read more about his valuable insight in other posts on the Excelerated Business Solutions Blog or follow him on Twitter.
Raymond Huan

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The book will be sent to your nominated address for Free in Australia only.


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