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Where do you see your business going in the future?
Have you considered a business coach?
Are you satisfied with the recognition your business has in the market?
What does your business stand for? Are you struggling with working capital?
Are you afraid of cold calling potential customers or clients?

These questions and many more, are vital to the success of your enterprise. I understand that no one understands your business, your brand and your clients like you do, so as a business coach I like to work with all clients in a truly collaborative approach.

A business coach offers coaching and services to:

•    Critically evaluate your success or lack therefore
•    Identify your key (business) differentiators
•    Develop a more strategic approach to marketing
•    Coaching to integrating your marketing collateral
•    Identify genuine potential for leveraging your activities
•    Assessing whether you have systems in place to work “on” your business and not ‘in” i
•    Help you build a business that makes money while you sleep

Everyone wants to change something in their lives. A business coach will help you…

•    Improve the business
•    Sell more products/services
•    Grow their business
•    Master their time and focus.

Hi, I am Raymond Huan, and I understand all of the areas listed and more. After all I have had 10 years as one of Brisbane’s most sought after coaches and am the principle of business consulting company – Excelerated Business Solutions.

I understand fully the work load on a business owner, the relentless pressure of having to make all the key decisions. Perhaps it is time to have a trusted coach to help you move closer to having a fully delegated business model, one which allows you to take time out, to play golf, to take month’s leave knowing that you have an empowered and effective group of people in apace to operate and take decisions.

Here’s my offer to you and it’s an offer which I will stand by. As a coach I will help you to…

•    Clarify your direction
•    Strategise your actions
•    Upgrade your skills
•    Optimise your environment
•    Master your psychology

I find when clients get help doing these 5 things, they are up to 10 times more likely to achieve the results they are looking for and achieve results 5 times FASTER than they would without my help.

Bottom Line:

You hire a coach for RESULTS, SPEED, SHORT-CUTS, to make things EASIER, & to do the things you already know need to be done, but just aren’t doing.

I guarantee to:

•    Uncover the challenges standing in their way (including the hidden challenges that are sabotaging their success)
•    Show them the impact these challenges are having on her life.
•    Share what I do that will offer you compelling picture of what’s possible

“You really did your job better than other business coaches I have consulted.You saw something that I was unable to see: a strength that I was not utilizing in my marketing.”
Trish H

Here are some of the recent results some of my clients have achieved:

• Business 1: 300% Income Increase within just 6 months!
• Business 2: Doubled the turnover within just 12 months!
• Business 3: 40% Compounded growth two years in a row!
• Let’s add your success story here!

I cannot take credit for these ongoing successes… the business owners who hired me get all the credit because they were clear-minded enough and focused enough to take action (by hiring a capable business coach), where most others fail to take action. You owe it to yourself to explore your options further with a free initial consultation. Here is what I strive to give you during your free initial session with a reputable business consultation:

1. Focus – I will listen to your challenges to determine if I (or my team) have specific areas of expertise that can be applied to your business solutions to achieve growth quickly.
2. Strive to add value to your business right from our initial meeting, giving you helpful insight, business mentoring and information that you can use immediately for revenue growth.
3. Perspective – you will get unique feedback from a business coaching perspective that may help you to make decisions that you have been considering, but were unsure about. You will be able to move forward with confidence!

My Promise to You:

I promise that I will not make any offer to work with you if I am not able to identify important areas in your business in which I can help you achieve significant growth.

“The value was in brainstorming and extrapolation of my situation: the issues I currently face, my immediate plan and my eventual business goals – not the traditional coaching ‘what you should do is this and I can help you’ type of thing. I hold a high regard for professional courtesy, honour and integrity. It is clear from our conversation that you displayed these characteristics, which is rare (unfortunately). I was also very impressed with the timely follow up call.”
Mik M.
“I was very impressed with your insight and frankness. You quickly identified some of the weaknesses and risks in our business and offered enough advise to establish confidence that an ongoing relationship would be beneficial. Thoughtful suggestions have led me to re-examine my approach and utilize resources already available to me. It is expected that this initial meeting will result in a total change in direction – a direction that is showing amazing potential.”
Gareth C.

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