Want to Find Out How to Take Your Business from $20K to $2 Million?

Start the journey of growing your business and learn how to take your small business from GOOD to GREAT by downloading the first chapter of the book. Achieve business performance improvement by transforming your business strategy with tips from a business coach and mentor.

Grow Your Business 20k to 2 Million Ebook

What you will gain from the book $20K to $2 Million?

  • As a seasoned business coach I will give you insights and the tools to help grow your business.
  • You will be given access to the secret recipe that all successful companies know and use to grow their businesses exponentially and achieve peak performance.
  • As an added bonus to your purchase, you will be sent a series of emails with links to videos where I will work with you on the exercises in the book and bring you more in-depth information to the questions posed. Consisting of over 40 mins of videos and valued at $249.
  • I will stretch your mind on how your business can lay the foundation to grow at the speed of $20K to $2Million in 2 years by adopting proven business performance improvement strategies.

What Else Is In The Book?

In-depth steps to achieving success and improving business. Business success isn’t just about one or two factors, it’s about a few different aspects that you’ll need to employ to achieve growth. In this book, I’ll share all those factors with you, helping you to create a dynamic strategy to develop your business.

Case Studies

Sometimes, the most effective way to learn is through real-life examples, which detail precisely how certain business decisions can make or break a business. There are a number of useful case studies in this book, featuring world-famous companies, and also businesses that I’ve worked with personally. All will help you gain greater understanding of how to achieve success.

Activities & Questions

I’ve always found that active learning is highly effective. In this book, there are plenty of activities and thought-provoking questions, designed to help you examine your own business practices and think about how you can change them to boost your company’s revenue and reputation.

Who Is The Book For?

This book is useful for anyone interested in starting a business, planning a business, who already have a business and want to see their business grow. This useful guide is for any business in any location who wants to go from $20K to $2 million in a short period of time.

"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think."

What our readers have to say

Reviews from Amazon.com

This book was given to me as an advanced Christmas gift. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked reading this book… This is a great book for someone who is considering going into business, or those who, after a few years in business, want to know if they can do a better job at managing and growing their venture.”

“If you own a small to medium business and suspect you could be managing it better – this is a great primer. It gives clear steps that anyone can follow and prompts deeper thinking about positioning in the market, internal operations and customer service.”

Raymond Huan Profile Picture

Who is Raymond Huan?

Raymond is a successful business coach and consultant who has helped companies achieve growth for over 10 years. He’s worked with companies of various sizes and industries across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, as well as organisations whose footprint spans across multiple countries. In his book $20K to $2 Million in 2 years, Raymond shares valuable insight of companies that he’s coached who have achieved sustained growth of over 50% each year for over three years in a row.

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